Introduction of Truman's covers for industrial robot

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Truman is an early manufacturer of industrial robot protective clothing in China. It has perfect production process, adopts professional high-grade fabrics, and is customized for robots in production according to different working conditions and requirements. It is energy-saving, environmental protection, safety protection, fast delivery, reliable quality, low price and long service life. Welcome to inquire.

1、 What is robot protective clothing?

Robot protective clothing is mainly used to protect a variety of industrial robot protective devices, mainly used in automobile manufacturing industry, metal products industry, ceramic bathroom, home industry, chemical plant and other industries of automation equipment.

2、 What is the scope of robot protective clothing?

Industrial robot protective clothing is a customized product, which can be applied to the protection of industrial automation equipment under various working conditions, including but not limited to industrial robots with welding, palletizing, loading and unloading, spraying, casting, sandblasting, shot peening, grinding, arc welding, cleaning and other functions. The industries involved include automobile manufacturing, metal manufacturing, home appliance shell manufacturing, chemical plant, smelting, food industry Processing and other applications to the industrial robot industry.

3、 What should be paid attention to in robot protective clothing?

1) It is not allowed to install by human trampling;

2) Do not contact with objects with hooks and thorns to avoid piercing protective clothing;

3) When dismantling, it should be pulled away slowly along the opening direction, and rough operation is not allowed;4) Improper maintenance will shorten the service life, and can not be placed with acid-base, oily, organic solvents and other corrosive items. To prevent moisture and sun exposure, storage should be placed in a dry and ventilated warehouse, not easy to high temperature and cold, this will make the protective clothing thermal expansion and contraction, reduce the protection level, reduce the service life.

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