ROKAE XB7L Cleaning Robot Waterproof Cover

waterproof cover, ROKAE XB7L waterproof is a protective product specially developed for robot cleaning environment.

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1、 Specification parameters of waterproof covers:

Order ID: TXB7LW05

Name: ROKAE XB7L cleaning robot waterproof cover

Features: waterproof, acid and alkali resistant

Types of protection: cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, acid mist resistance, water vapor resistance

Scope of application: ROKAE industrial robots

Dimension: ROKAE XB7L

Brief introduction: ROKAE Robot, cleaning robot cover, robot waterproof, acid and alkali resistant cover, acid and alkali resistant protective cover, cleaning robot protective cover, industrial robot protective cover, waterproof cover

2、 Detailed description

1. Cleaning condition

Cleaning robot cover is a protective product specially developed for robot cleaning environment, which can better prevent water molecules and corrosion-resistant liquid from eroding the robot body and additional pipelines. The unique waterproof technology is adopted to better improve the sealing performance of protective clothing and prolong the service life.

2. Types of protection

Cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, anti acid fog, water vapor

3. Material

It is mainly made of high toughness and high strength materials, with strong acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, which can effectively protect the robot and prolong its service life.

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